West Park Rehab Aquatic Focus Team

ames Shreffler, PTA
James Shreffler

West Park Rehab’s therapeutic pool has 4 separate chambers including a 3-foot and 4-foot section strengthening and gait/balance training, and a 5- and 7-foot section for floatation exercises weightless treatment of low back injuries. There is also a massage jet bench for stretching and seated exercises. It is kept between 92 and 94 degrees for your comfort.

West Park Rehab now utilizes the Aqua Pure System in our therapeutic pool. We are dissolving low levels of ordinary salt in the water and our Aqua Pure System goes to work. We also have a hydraulic pool chair lift which allows us to transfer wheel chair bound patients or those who are unable to use stairs in to the pool.

Aquatic therapy is a leading form of therapeutic exercise, for several simple reasons. Warm water creates an ideal environment for patients with painful joint and weak muscles. The water provides your body with constant resistance in every position while maintaining support for any weak areas. Buoyancy protects weight-bearing joints, bones, and muscles from painful stress.

Your individualized program for success includes the soothing water of our custom designed pool along with the high quality therapy our caring team provides. Our therapists will closely supervise your aquatic rehabilitation program so you can experience the best possible results.

And remember, if you need us, we’ll be there for you.