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Definition: This position is for one custodian/maintenance personnel at West Park Rehab, located at 571 Pone Lane, Franklin, PA.

Skills: Training is on the job training. Individual must be reliable and have ability to work independently.

Hours: 15 hours per week, hours and days are flexible. The job functions of this job will be performed after normal working hours (6pm). This will allow for all cleaning to be completed while business is closed. Pay is $8.50 per hour (negotiable based on experience).

Benefits: Paid vacation and holidays. Eligibility for growth.

Duties Include:

  1. Daily housekeeping including: dusting, sweeping, mopping, disinfecting of equipment, restroom cleaning and stocking, emptying trash.
  2. Pool area: sweeping and cleaning of pool and surrounding area, locker room cleaning including toilets, showers and changing area, adding chemicals as needed, maintenance of pool equipment and heating and cooling unit, regular backwash of pool, disinfecting pool equipment, cleaning of pool traps, power washing pool deck and mats, changing necessary filters in heating system.
  3. Maintenance: changing routine furnace filters, light bulbs, basic repair of rehab/office equipment, mowing lawn, landscaping, snow removal and other upkeep of grounds.
  4. Ordering of cleaning supplies as needed from local cleaning company.
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Rehab Aide/Tech

Definition: A rehab aide/tech is a non-licensed person who assists a licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assist with the delivery of rehabilitation. Training is OJT. A rehab tech cannot engage in independent direct patient care. A therapist must be within immediate contact (visual or auditory) for a tech to perform assistive duties with a patient. And this is only under the direction of the treating therapist.

Skills: Excellent people skills, ability to work at a fast pace, multi-tasking, flexibility in performance of daily tasks as well as scheduling, professional appearance / conduct, dedication to wellness and health, general knowledge of exercise and associated terminology, and the ability to work well with admin / licensed staff.

Hours: 25 hours per week. Monday – Friday 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Occasional need for extended hours into the am for vacation coverage. Pay is $8.50 per hour (negotiable based on experience).

Benefits: Paid vacation, holidays Eligibility for growth. We are not looking for someone who is interested in a temporary position. We are looking for someone who can commit to working and growing with an established business and staff.

Duties Include:

  1. Check in any patient that is waiting in the lobby.
  2. QA charts. Requires a high level of attention to detail.
  3. Prepare equipment to be readied for patient care.
  4. Change out room linens. (clean table and equipment: bolsters, machines).
  5. Ensure that every room has the proper equipment: cupboard, linens, timer, bell, blank evals).
  6. Set up modality equipment in preparation for patient care.
  7. Accompany dependant patients in/out of the clinic or to the restroom that need supervision.
  8. Prepare status reports, review charts for returned status reports, up to date scripts, signatures.
  9. Assist the therapist with exercise as needed for more involved patients.
  10. Ask every patient / every day, “Is there anything that I can get for you?”
  11. Wash, fold laundry and maintain in-room stock.
  12. Daily house keeping as needed (empty trash, sweep, general cleaning / disinfecting of rooms / restrooms, push vacuum, wipe treatment tables).

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