Practice Data

Efficiency of Treatments
West Park Rehab recorded an average of 10.5 treatments per referral. This number represents the average visits needed for conditions ranging from simple muscle strains to complex surgical procedures. Overall, West Park Rehab demonstrate a high level of responsibility both in giving the patient the amount of treatment that is deemed necessary while exercising prudence by graduating patients to independent programs when appropriate or making referrals back to the physician or other specialist when physical therapy is not proving to be effective.

Functional Outcomes
Used rehabilitation industry tools: Oswestry Low Back / Neck and Lysholm Knee. This is a pre and post treatment questionnaire that allows a patient to rate their level of impairment based on how it effects their activities of daily living. The numerical score is used to rate percent improvement and overall functional ability. West Park Rehab consistently has achieved an average of 25% improvement in all of its treatment cases. All of the clinic’s physical therapists provide evidence based treatments.

Satisfaction Surveys
Overall satisfaction was rated 98% as reported by patient discharge surveys. This percent satisfaction was also achieved in the following categories: time spent with treating therapist, coordination between the professional staff, ease of scheduling appointments and full explanation of insurance benefits at the time of intake. These statistics were supported by an independent survey conducted by PTPN.

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