West Park Rehab Physical Therapy is the only provider credentialed into PTPN in Venango County.

Why is this important to you?

The PTPN Difference
Outpatient rehabilitation plays a key role in the management of and recovery from major and costly illness such as stroke, heart attack, and cancer. It is also a critical component in medical management of workers’ compensation injuries and getting workers back on the job, safely and quickly. The workers’ compensation crisis, spiraling health care costs, and recent upheavals in the rehabilitation marketplace are prompting many companies to re-think their options in outpatient rehabilitation. PTPN offers you solutions to these challenges. Here’s how:

  • We’re different! PTPN is a “different type of rehab network” that stands above the others in the current turbulent market for outpatient care–a national network of independent private practice therapists that payors can rely on for integrity, stability, and quality.

    PTPN was founded by nationally recognized leaders in the physical therapy profession in the belief that the professional ethics, clinical expertise, and personal commitment of the private practitioner delivers the best value and the highest level of service to patients and to payors. Coming to its third decade with contracts with most major payors in the U.S., PTPN continues to be driven by this commitment.
  • Our financial incentives are aligned for your benefit. We don’t have conflicts of interest (such as corporate or physician ownership) that would drive up costs or utilization. We don’t generate income from processing claims but from membership dues. We do not charge fees to access our network. We derive revenues through our ability to bring valuable services to payors, which in turn keeps our dues-paying members happy with increased business.
  • Our medical management programs ensure appropriate utilization and positive clinical outcomes. PTPN is the only network with a quality assurance program that will serve as your watchdog, reviewing and managing cases to make sure that treatment matches the needs of the patient and that treatment is producing the desired outcome.
  • We have the highest quality standards in the industry. Our members must meet credentialing requirements that exceed other networks and state licensing requirements. PTPN’s credentialing standards surpass those that accrediting bodies such as NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) require for physicians in managed care plans.

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