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"I have used West Park Rehab for all my physical therapy needs. I have only received the best possible care from the very knowledgeable staff and have been treated with respect. My appointments were scheduled around my needs and when I had to adjust them, they did their very best to accommodate and work with me. The staff gave me information regarding my injuries along with great instructions and exercises to do at home that were very helpful to expedite my recovery time. I will continue to use West Park Rehab for all my necessary physical therapy needs. Thank you to all of the staff. "
Dec 30, 2019
"I have been coming here for a few years now to help with my back pain. And most recently for my thumb. The staff is very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend West Park Rehab for anything!"
Sep 27, 2019
“I wish to commend Lisa and Ann for their professionalism and concern during my P.T. It is refreshing to meet two competent persons in the medical field who are dedicated to helping those persons for whom they treat. Again, job well done.”

Cathy Ames – 2010

“First: I am so impressed with the total professionalism of all the staff. Never do I see pettiness between them. Therapists and assistants work together seamlessly in making sure schedules run smoothly. I have never witnessed any staff member become impatient with another staff member nor a client. West Park is really an excellent business model others should follow. Second: In the seemingly long rehab of my knee replacement, the staff, Lisa and Ann, to be singled out especially were exceptionally caring and patient. And encouraging when I just wanted to forget therapy for a while. Knowing that physical progress is slow, and a mental attitude can affect progress positively and negatively, Lisa and Ann gave me encouragement even when my progress seemed to plateau. I am a teacher and became the student while realizing perseverance can result in positive outcomes. Don’t give up. (I always tell my students this.) Third: The office staff is always so pleasant and efficient. Consistently. Excellent. Kudos to West Park. You’re my first choice for a service I hope I’ll never need again!”

Terri Wittreich – 2010

“I cannot express how thankful I truly am with all of the help that I have received from the West Park Rehab staff on my road to recovery from my left Achilles tendon reconstructive surgery. Every staff member and therapist that I came in contact with displayed the utmost in professionalism, caring and actual concern in regards to my recovery process. The type and quality of equipment used throughout my treatment sessions were also the highest level and maintained properly on a daily basis. I would like to thank my primary treating physical therapist, Jessica Collins, for all of her knowledge, insight and assistance throughout my treatment sessions. I feel that through her tireless efforts, I will be able to resume my physically active lifestyle. Again, I would like to thank the entire West Park Rehab staff for everything that you have done to assist in my rehabilitation!!”

Steve Johnston – 2010

“Following my 2nd spinal fusion, my Dr. ordered hydro-therapy as part of my rehabilitation plan. West Park Rehab was the only location that offered this treatment. Initially I was hesitant about driving to Franklin 3x/wk for therapy but as the routine became established and I began to feel better, I knew I had made the right choice. Mr. St.Clair, your staff is to be commended on the professionalism shown to the patients. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed. Each and every team member displayed a caring and compassionate attitude while still being able to accomplish the goals. I feel much better than the 1st day I walked thru your door and am proud to say I am now a graduate of West Park Rehab!! Thanks to all of you.”

Debbie Schumacher. – 2010

“Don’t change a thing! You and your staff were great. Very professional, I told Dr. Femovich about the treatment and recommended West Park for all of his patients that need PT. He was impressed with the progress, thanks to you Barry and the rest of the staff.”

Cindy Vath

“I found that West Park Rehab was a place of not only a physical (therapy clinic) but a nice place to be. Your staff from the front desk to the PT’s. And the pool was excellent. They all have a sense of humor.”

Fran Lafferty

“I felt like people really cared about my pain and helping me. Not treated as a number, but as an individual who was important to them.”

Sandra Pankratz

“Lisa and Ann were both very knowledgeable, considerate, caring and kind while helping my cope through a very painful and on going, but recent injury. Both were interested in hearing about my problems, concerns and wanted my feedback on all exercises. They helped making this time a little easier with a friendly smile.  The staff was always helpful, accomodating and very friendly. It made me feel part of the family.”

Linda Stine

“Jessica did a great job in coordinating my treatment. I was pleased with my overall treatment. All the staff were great.”

Anna Marie Larkin

Eddie, “As you know, I’ve been to your establishment many times. I’ve never had a bad experience. Your people are all friendly and work well together. Keep up the good work.”

Paul Towers

“My therapist was Jessica Collins. This young lady really takes her job to heart. Jessica really feels how her patients feel. I was really in a lot of pain when I first started seeing her. She brought me thru a good healthy recovery. I recommend Jessica to everyone that needs a good therapist.”

Bob Laing Jr.

“Your practice is great. The way we were treated. My husband Cary and I was excellent. Carey improved and so did I. You taught me exercises to do. Also, you felt welcome from the time you enter the door.”

Grace Holland

“Lisa did a wonderful job with Dick and helped him so much. We are spreading the word.”

Joan Smith

“When I returned to Franklin my practice was immediately successful partly because of the support I received by the community, but more in part because of my ability to search out superior individuals to treat my patients. Mr. St.Clair was one of these individuals. Without reservation he is and remains the best physical therapist in Venango County. He was able to return several of my patients to their pre-injury status without surgery. Not only was this in the best interest of my patients but also more cost effective in the long run. I also should mention that when I had my surgery on my shoulder, shortly before leaving Franklin, I did not have any other therapist work on me except Mr. St.Clair.”

Dean Cummings, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

“Rate West Park Rehab’s scope of services for workers’ compensation care a 10 (1-10). Eddie is always available to speak directly with to discuss cases and faxed PT progressed notes.”

Kathy Smith, Workers’ Compensation Case Manager of 20 years

“West Park Rehab is the third rehab place I have been to. I feel they did not take advantage of insurance and keep me returning more often than necessary. I was scheduled for 9 treatments but released after only 6. I was given the proper treatments along with home exercises (which I still do once daily) that put me on the road to my quick recovery.”

Shelly Weaver, Patient December 2004

“He demonstrates a strong knowledge base for recovery / exercises following back injury and allows time for patient involvement during treatment sessions. Home exercise instructions are excellent. The relationship between West Park Rehab and the Franklin YMCA pools enhance the PT experience and makes it the best in town.”

Sue Reitz, patient and physical therapist >20 years in Venango County