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Lumbar Rolls
Maintains proper lumber lordosis while sitting. For car, lounge or office chair. Adjustable strap with snap-lock buckle allows securing in a fixed position. 4-1/2″x 11″. Latex free. Available in firm or standard support.
  • Full Lumbar Roll$12.00
Full Lumbar Roll
Cervical Rolls & Pillows
Polyfill pillow with trapezoidal-shaped pocket cradles the head in side-lying and back-lying positions, ensuring that the cervical curve is supported in its neutral position. Nonallergenic and machine washable. Fits standard pillowcases. 16″ x 24″. Latex free. Available in standard or gentle support.
  • Tricore Cervical Pillow$28.00
Tricore Cervical Pillow
Promotes alignment of cervical spine reduces neck pain and stress. Encourages proper neck flexion. Use with or without pillow. Cover is machine wash and dry. 4-1/4″ x 18″ (11 x 46cm). Latex free.
  • Cervical Roll$10.00
Cervical Roll
Water instantly responds to changing body positions for comfort, Centered displacement panel keeps water positioned for proper neck support, Fully adjustable to fit every patient, Can help relieve neck pain and snoring.
  • Water Based Cervical Pillow$38.00
Water Based Cervical Pillow



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